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Feeling Drowsy After Eating Rice?

Rice 🍚 is a powerhouse of energy and a staple food for several people across the world🌏 which is eaten for breakfast, lunch and also dinner. However, some experience drowsiness🥴 after eating rice. Why does that happen?🤨

Rice🍚 just like any carbohydrate🍞🥖🥪 is going to have a similar effect because carbs are converted into glucose and glucose requires insulin. Now as the insulin surge increases, it prompts for the essential fatty acid — tryptophan, that causes melatonin😴and serotonin😍 to increase which are the calming hormones that cause drowsiness🥱.

This is a very normal response so that the body can slow down whatever it is doing and focus on digestion.

So next time you’re choosing to eat rice before a situation where you’ve got to perform at your peak, you might want to think again 🤷🏽

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