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The Future Of Healthcare

Doctors worldwide misdiagnose patients with the wrong diseases. A first-world country like the US with modern medical facilities misdiagnoses 12 million people each year which costs them 750 billion dollars a year!

Misdiagnosis can occur due to providers not having enough information, lack of communication between providers and patients, lack of follow-up care, or human error.

However, the future of healthcare looks different. With advances in computing and artificial intelligence, healthcare providers can diagnose and treat their patients better.

Technology will drive the shift from a traditional "sick-care" model to a more preventative-healthcare model. Instead of simply treating illnesses, healthcare providers can suggest preventive measures to keep their patients healthy.

Soon more people will have medical devices like continuous glucose monitors, DNA tests indicating their biological age and genetic diseases, and touchless biosensors, so doctors have enough information to diagnose patients correctly!

It won't be long before you have an app on your phone with a digital version of yourself, a human digital twin, which will tell you exactly how your body is doing, what your vitals are, and what trends it's following.

You might be apprehensive about the digital transformation in healthcare, but AI and health innovation products have the potential to make healthcare more accessible.

All the information you need to improve your well-being will soon be at your fingertips. So, don't miss out!


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