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Yoga with Tushita

Build a well-rounded mind and body through mindful breathing, core engagement, mobility drills, and somatic relaxation.

This personalized and exclusive masterclass is designed to:

  1. 15 minutes- mindful breathing {bandh (uddiyaan/ Jalandhar etc.), pranayama}

  2. 30 minutes- core engagement (planks, modified planks and modified agnisaar,)

  3. 20-30 minutes- Mobility drills ( ankle/ wrist/ knee/hip/neck/ lower spine) Or Deep Stretches(any 2 joints of body-upper/lower limb)

  4. 15 minutes- Meditation or Somatic relaxations or Balance Co-ordination challenges

Duration: 90 minutes

Class type: Personal class

Price: ₹2,000


Meet Your

Tushita Ghai
Yogacharya & Fitness-Ergonomic advisor 

Tushita is a Physiotherapist dealing with sports injuries & articles on health & wellness in sport & general.
Yogacharya- treating subjects with customized yoga based customized exercise plans.

Tushita believes that- If All We Could Thrive For was - A Fit Body , Calm Mind & a House of Love

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