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Working Out Together

Age-Defying Strength & Conditioning Masterclass

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

This session is designed to help you understand:

  1.  Ideal warm up techniques.

  2.  Muscle contraction based form and technique.

  3. Joints Range of motion. 

  4. Cooldown technique. 

Duration: 90 minutes

Class type: Personal class

Price: ₹2,000


Meet Your

Darshan Karekar
Strength and conditioning coach

Darshan is an experienced Exercise Specialist who has done B.Sc. in sports science.

He has spent 6 years Studying and Working in a variety of fitness setups and sport specific environments.


Through out his career he's been working hard to use his comprehensive knowledge of sports physiology into his fitness model.


Darshan believes not only in physical growth but also in growing spiritually.

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