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Movement & Awareness Masterclass

Movement & Awareness

If you're stuck in a seat all day, due to work but don't prefer high intensity activities, This one's for you!

This personalized and exclusive masterclass is designed to:

  1.  Help you decompress your muscles through stretching flows.

  2.  Activate your core and improve upper and lower body coordination.

  3. Grow your understanding of your body.

  4. Learn tips and techniques you can integrate in your daily life to keep you more mobile and active.

Duration: 90 minutes

Class type: Personal class

Price: ₹2,000

Neha- Coach
Meet Your
Neha Harinath
Health Coach MSc Movement (Dance) Science

Neha is a multidisciplinary movement coach with a strong background in dance and yoga.

She has immense experience in helping clients learn to move frictionlessly, and optimize their energy. Moreover, she specializes in creating customized solutions that help individuals reach their health goals in the most frictionless way possible!

She is an open individual who appreciates all types of questions and makes sure to never shame people on where they start.

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