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Karate & Self - Defence Masterclass

Karate & Self - Defense Masterclass

Confidence comes from disciplining your body and reflexes come from being aware yet comfortable with the situation around you.

This personalized and exclusive masterclass is designed to:

  1.  Help you learn more about building your self defense.

  2. Introduce you to basics of karate and reflexive movement.

  3. Grow your understanding of your body.

  4. Indulge you to move with confidence.

Duration: 90 minutes

Class type: Personal class

Price: ₹2,000

Sharth Coach

Meet Your

Sharath Jango
HIIT and Karate coach

Sharath is a national gold medalist in Commonwealth Games and the South Asian karate championship. 

He began training karate and movement at the age of 12, only to represent his country and bring back gold medals for 4 consecutive years! 

He loves to travel and is a humble individual when it comes to answering even the most simplest of questions!

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