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Somatic Meditation & Movement Masterclass

Connect with your breath to control your mind and connect with your body to experience a blissful life:

This personalized and exclusive masterclass is designed to:

  1.  Help you learn more about your breath through understanding your breathing patterns.

  2. Introduce you to belly breathing and hum  breathing.

  3. Make you experience guided Somatic meditation 

  4. Indulge you to move intuitively on the ground

Duration: 90 minutes

Class type: Personal class

Price: ₹2,000

Mukulita coach

Meet Your

Trained and Certified Somatic Meditation and Movement Instructor

Mukulita left her job at Citi Bank and pursued her passion of meditation, dance and yoga and became a full time instructor!


She now helps busy professionals on breathwork, somatic meditation, yoga and dance.

She travels frequently in search of new practices to improve and enhance the connection between her body and mind

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