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Clarity & Goal Setting Masterclass

Clarity & Goal Setting Masterclass

We've all wasted time doing things that don't get us to our goals. Make sure you don't make that mistake again!

This personalized and exclusive masterclass is designed to:

  1.  Help you design a clear cut and simplistic way to reach your health goals.

  2.  Find your intrinsic motivation and merge it with your health goals, using expert techniques. 

  3. Grow your understanding of your body.

  4. Ensure that all your effort goes towards achieving your desired goals.

Duration: 90 minutes

Class type: Personal class

Price: ₹2,000

Aarthi Coach

Meet Your

Aarthi Nandagopal
Health Coach (Ms. Sports Psychology)

Aarthi is a holistic wellness coach with a strong background in Sports and exercise science and psychology.

She has immense experience in helping clients gain clarity towards their health goals. Moreover, she specializes in creating customized solutions that help individuals reach their health goals in the most frictionless way possible!

She is a humble individual when it comes to answering even the most simplest of questions!

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