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Why Dieting Doesn't Work for Everyone

Keto, vegan, paleo, low-fat, high protein, carnivore fasting...

If you google the word diet, you will find multiple results that make no sense whatsoever. Some diets tell you to eat only meat, and some tell you not to eat carbs. But what is the best diet for you?

Before being conceived, all humans were once equivalent to seeds, and as we grow, we tend to develop our purpose, characteristics, desires, and environments. And just like young saplings of different plants, we each need different amounts of sunlight, water, and food for optimal growth.

Even identical twins don't have identical requirements, and that says something! What may help you grow and nourish yourself may do the exact opposite for someone else and vice versa, and that's what bio-individuality means.

Bio-individuality means that each person has highly individualized nutritional requirements based on external and internal factors. The external factors are the surroundings and the environment, and the internal factors may be the genetic profile and lifestyle.

All of us are different, and there is no one-size-fits-all diet. That is why, the next time a trainer or nutritionist says that some random diet is good for you, ask yourself is it good for me?


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