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Big "fat" lies

We’ve heard celebrities yapping about countless “detoxes” and “cleanses” without defining what they mean by detoxing and what “toxins” is the product supposed to remove. And don't even get me started on the anti-cellulite creams flooding the market, despite dermatologists saying that having cellulite is completely normal.

None of these products work because they are driven by marketing and pseudoscience rather than scientific research. If you could lose fat through external methods like sauna belts, you would burn all your fat in a matter of minutes if you were in a hot place like Jodhpur. Fat can only be removed when you move your body and spend more energy than you consume through food!

Science has already proven that humans originated from hot countries like Africa, so if your fat did melt whenever you felt a tingly heat sensation, our ancestors wouldn't have survived. Furthermore, if your fat could melt because of heat, it would also freeze because of the cold, which means your blood supply wouldn't reach half your body in winters.

Your body is a complex gift from nature that even modern science hasn't fully understood yet. Don't disgrace it by falling for midnight television ads that only care for profits by spending your hard-earned money on slimming pills or weight loss products. Watch out for false promises. Protect your body and wallet.

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