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6 Lessons on Insulin Sensitivity

Maintaining normal blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity is essential to prevent long-term health issues like diabetes.

Insulin sensitivity refers to how sensitive the body’s cells are to insulin. High insulin sensitivity allows our body to use blood glucose more effectively, reducing blood sugar levels.

You can check blood sugar levels using a blood sugar meter and Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) like Ultrahuman sensor.

Based on our experience with the Ultrahuman Sensor, here are the:

6 lessons on Insulin Sensitivity!

Walking after eating a meal drops blood sugar levels

Research shows walking post any meal to help your body digest food faster!

Proper Sleep improves Insulin Sensitivity

Even partial sleep deprivation over one night increases insulin resistance, thus increasing blood sugar levels. Therefore, lack of sleep can lead to diabetes.

Increase in Water intake reduces blood sugar levels

Water helps dilute the blood glucose floating around in your blood!

Mental Stress increases blood sugar levels

Dealing with mental and emotional stress forces your body to secrete more cortisol than necessary, raising your blood sugar levels!

Strenuous exercise raises blood sugar levels

Your body secretes adrenaline (otherwise known as the fight or flight hormone), and adrenaline signals your liver to undergo glycogenesis.

During glycogenesis your body converts glucose into a form of energy your body can store or use (also called glycogen).

In this case, blood sugar spike is good because it means that your body can metabolize more carbohydrates. After all, the previously formed glycogen is used up for energy during exercise.

Everyone's Body is different

All bodies react differently to different food. If your blood sugar is very high after consuming burgers, it might not be the same for others.

Embracing Bio-individuality, understanding your lifestyle, and your glucose response to the food you eat can help you manage your blood sugar levels more effectively.

To know more about bio-individuality, check out our video!


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