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Yoga with Tushita
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Yoga with

Build a well-rounded mind and body through mindful breathing, core engagement, mobility drills, and somatic relaxation.

This session is designed to help you understand:

  1. 15 minutes- mindful breathing {bandh (uddiyaan/ Jalandhar etc.), pranayama}

  2. 30 minutes- core engagement (planks, modified planks and modified agnisaar)

  3. 20-30 minutes- Mobility drills (ankle/ wrist/ knee/hip/neck/ lower spine) Or Deep Stretches(any 2 joints of body upper/lower limb)

  4. 15 minutes- Meditation or Somatic relaxations or Balance Co-ordination challenges

Day: Sunday, 12 March 2023

Time: 10:30am - 11:30am

Class type: Online Group Class (20 people)

Cost: ₹749/-

Dr Tushita is a gem. She is very clear and confident in her review and suggested the most optimum and balanced way to go forward.
I am in very capable hands of Dr.Tushita and getting benefited beyond my expectation.
Thanks doctor for complete recovery. All the best May god bless you.
She is very helpful and easy to talk.Understands the problem well.I had a back pain and within 6 sittings it was 80%better. I was suffering from scoliosis pain for the last 5 years which was getting worse with time. She gave me traction and It is much better now. I am really grateful to her
One of the best and genuine physiotherapist i have came across. Very good advisor and suggest treatment holistically. Highly recommended.
Meet Your

Tushita Ghai
Yogacharya and Fitness-Ergonomic Advisor

Tushita is a Physiotherapist dealing with sports injuries & articles on health & wellness in sport & general.
Yogacharya- treating subjects with customized yoga based customized exercise plans.

She believes "If All We could Thrive For was - A Fit Body , Calm Mind & a House of Love ".

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