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Predicting Heart Attacks

Digital Twin: How it can save your life!🤯

Imagine being able to predict a heart attack a week before it happens, better yet - imagine being able to prevent it!

Digital twins are digital representations of human physiology built on computer models, in which data relating to both the individual and the population are introduced.

The use of digital twins in healthcare is revolutionizing clinical processes and hospital management by enhancing medical care with digital tracking and advancing modelling of the human body.

These tools are of great help to researchers in studying diseases, new drugs and medical devices.

In the future, it may also help physicians optimize the performance of patient-specific treatment plans.

In the short term, however, digital twins will help the healthcare system bring life-saving innovations to market faster, at lower costs and with greater safety for the patient.

For example, it is realistic to think of “digital twins” of organs such as the heart, or even single cells, for individual patients.

Simulations can then be performed to find out how different people would react to different treatments.

So it won’t be unreal for you to hear your doctor asking you to get a digital twin to help improve their diagnosis to give you customized treatment according to your genetics!

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