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Redefining Womanhood
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Redefining Womanhood

Empower yourself

Understand who you are

Finding your “me time “

Discovering your inner self

Redefining your purpose and perspectives

This session is designed to help you understand:

  1. Start with an interaction of what woman think about themselves , what they claim to be in terms of identity, what are the emotions clinged to it

  2. Redefining those emotions towards their personal needs/goals in life and make them think deeper on it

  3. What is me time / self care for women

  4. How do they want to spend their time?(interaction)

  5. How to make the self care time in a day

  6. Getting deeper into “why” self care is needed in a life full of fulfilling other people’s needs and multitasking

  7. Redefining their purpose and perspectives towards living their life in terms of emotional needs, physical and mental health.

 I can also put in interactive activities and group   discussions to make it more interesting.

Day: Sunday, 12 March 2023

Time: 10:30am - 11:30am

Class type: Online Group Class (20 people)

Cost: ₹749/-

Deepak Sharma

"My experience consulting with Aarthi has been fulfilling. She has been patient with understanding the root causes of my problem. Look forward to interacting more. Thank you for all your help!"

Akshata Das

"Ms. Aarthi has listened to me very calmly and responded with remedy that can help me for my better mind health. I strongly recommend for those who are in need of Therapist. Thank you."

Sejal Bhatt

"It was one of the tough time to cope up with this situation. I wouldn't be at this position without the help of therapist. I do realize the power of mindful meditation."
~Happy mother of two kids!

Meet Your

Aarthi Nandagopal
Health Coach (Ms. Sports Psychology)

Aarthi is a holistic wellness coach with a strong background in Sports and exercise science and psychology.

She has immense experience in helping clients gain clarity towards their health goals. Moreover, she specializes in creating customized solutions that help individuals reach their health goals in the most frictionless way possible!

She is a humble individual when it comes to answering even the most simplest of questions!

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